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how to manage allergy headaches

Adieu Aches: Here’s How to Manage Allergy Headaches

Itchy eyes. Runny nose. Scratchy throat. Dull-throbbing headache. Seasonal allergies will soon be in full swing. The timing may be different depending on where you live, but for many of us, a new year...
Peripheral Neuropathy: Shingles

Peripheral Neuropathies: Shingles

Shingles is a painful condition that often follows chickenpox, decades later.Shingles, also called Herpes Zoster,"zoster", or "zona", is a condition that causes numerous painful side effects. It is caused by the dormant Varicella Zoster virus,...
does sugar cause headaches

Can Sugar Cause Headaches?

If you tend to stay up-to-date with the latest nutrition and health recommendations, you most likely know that most western countries have a major problem with sugar consumption. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends...
Woman with headache

Understanding 5 Common Types of Headaches

Although no headaches are pleasant, they are not all created equal. There are several kinds of headaches, each with its own symptoms and treatment options, and correctly diagnosing yours can make the difference between...
Head Ache

Heads Up!

Medical Societies Release Top Five Lists of Don'tsBy Margaret JaworskiAs part of Choosing Wisely, a national campaign by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation aimed at sparking conversations between doctors and patients...
spices piles

Eating Your Way Toward Pain Relief

When Chronic Pain is pestering you, flavor up your foods with these natural pain relieving spices.One thing is certain: Pain is no fun. Many conditions require a doctor's care over a long period of...

Migraine Sufferers May Find Relief In New Magnetic Device

About 14 million people suffer from debilitating migraines on a daily basis. Now, there may be a treatment that doesn't involve narcotics.1 in 4 Americans suffer from chronic migraines. These painful headaches can come...