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alkaline diet benefits

Alkaline Diet: Foods List, Benefits and Tips

Life itself depends on organisms, like your body, achieving and maintaining a pH balance that allows for regular functioning. In all living organisms, deviations from a healthy pH due to diet and disease increase...
foods for natural pain management (1)

5 Foods for Natural Pain Management

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could treat all illnesses with food? Rather than popping pills, we could be popping apple slices or blueberries.The truth is, in many cases, this isn’t too far from...
chili peppers

6 Foods for Natural Pain Relief

The foods that you eat impact your health and well-being. When you suffer from chronic pain, it is particularly important to embrace a healthy diet, which reduces stress on your body. Set yourself up...
Fibromyalgia Recipes

Fibromyalgia Recipes that Reduce Inflammation

Fibromyalgia is a painful, chronic condition that’s characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain that’s often accompanied with fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Unfortunately there isn’t a miracle diet for people with fibromyalgia; however, the...